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Kitten Academy
February 4, 2018

This YouTube channel is a live stream of an Illinois home for foster kittens.

What’s Up With That: Why Do Cats Love Boxes So Much?
November 7, 2015

A Wired article that explains why cats love to sit in boxes that lay around. We learn that cats prefer temperatures around 86 to 97 fahrenheit, while our houses tend to be at 72 degrees. Cats apparently look for the heat of confined spaces.

Cat and Girl
September 9, 2004

A weekly comic strip starring Cat and Girl, believe or not.

June 21, 2003

This site is a gallery of mean cats where photos are accompanied by a tale of the ungrateful felines' deplorable antics.

Library Cats Map
June 24, 1999

A directory of cats that live in libraries in the United States.


Did mock cop bot trot on fraught tot? Maybe not
March 26, 2018

The best headline in a long time. Compare with Sticks Nix Hick Pix from 1935.

UK Packaging Awards
September 13, 2015

British excellence in the field of packaging.

Law French
July 14, 2014

Law French is an archaic language originally based on Old Norman and Anglo-Norman, which was used in the law courts of England, beginning with the Norman Conquest by William the Conqueror.

Arrivals and departures at the Port of Montreal
August 25, 2012

This page is updated every hour. Do not forget the popcorn.

Giant Metal Chicken
July 2, 2011

A tale of what happens when one buys a 5-foot giant metal chicken.

The Comics Curmudgeon
April 18, 2011

On this daily updated site, Josh Fruhlinger pokes fun at several American daily comic strips, including Mark Trail and Archie. This site is even documented on Wikipedia.

Hearing the Great Vowel Shift
January 9, 2011

This section of John Cowan's personal page presents four recordings of a dialogue to illustrate the evolution of pronunciation from Middle English to Modern English.

Picture of gaskets
March 22, 2010

I like the word "gasket".

What are we busier than?
October 7, 2007

This Google search finds pages that use the expression "is busier than a." One can then discover several expressions that say how busy someone is.

Stained Apron
March 4, 2007

This site is "dedicated to the venting of food servers' frustrations and a harsh education of the dining public".

Photos of "ointment"
February 13, 2004

I like the word "ointment".

International Federation of Competitive Eating
June 21, 2003

The IFOCE supervises and regulates eating contests in their various forms throughout the world. It sanctions Nathan's Famous Fourth of July international hot dog eating contest on Coney Island.

City of Walla Walla, Washington
December 1, 2002

I know nothing of this town, but I like the name. Bugs Bunny himself used it as a magic spell.

Wired article about The Onion
March 5, 2002

This March 1999 article tells the story of the humor weekly The Onion. One learns that the Herbert Kornfeld column is written by a woman...

How Lawn Sprinklers Work
February 9, 2002

Another fine educational opportunity.

Dull Men's Club
January 20, 2002

"A place -- in cyberspace -- where Dull Men can share thoughts and experiences, free from pressures to be 'in and trendy,' to enjoy instead the simple, ordinary things of everyday life." In the Dull Trivia, one can learn lots of things that are useful in a conversation, like for example that bats always turn left when exiting a cave.

To deepen the shine
December 16, 2001

This January 1994 alt.peeves article seems to be the source of the somewhat famous sentence "To deepen the shine."

Darwin Awards
January 3, 2000

In the spirit of Charles Darwin, the Darwin Awards commemorate individuals who protect our gene pool by making the ultimate sacrifice of their own lives. Darwin Award winners eliminate themselves in an extraordinarily idiotic manner, thereby improving our species' chances of long-term survival.

Red Meat
December 20, 1999

This Web-published weekly comic strip trivializes stupidity, perversion and meanness. Makes you want to buy the book!

National Artificial Stupidity Association
July 20, 1999

This text demonstrates the fascinating concept of artificial stupidity.

Too Much Coffee Man
June 13, 1999

A comic strip about a character who drinks Too Much Coffee.

Ecole secondaire de la Pointe-aux-Trembles
May 31, 1999

I went through secondary 3 to 5 (grades 9 to 11) at this high school, from September 1985 to June 1988.

The Gallery Of "Misused" Quotation Marks
May 8, 1999

This site shows many reals cases of bad uses of quotation marks. Obviously, many people never learned who to use them...

A list of joke punch-lines
December 15, 1998

This is a list in french of punch-lines to some of the jokes I have heard. Note that I am not necessarily able to tell the jokes in their entirety...

At last, something better than rock, paper, scissors
September 6, 1998

Someone finally took the time to improve on this fascinating game, and the result is rock, paper, scissors, Spock, lizard!

Video Games

May 2, 2004

Batrachians is a game where you control a frog and your goal is to eat more flies and score more points than the computer's frog. It is a clone of the 1982 Frog Bog video game by Mattel Electronics.

Afternoon Stalker
November 26, 2001

This video game is a clone of Night Stalker, a 1981 game for the Intellivision.

I published it under the GNU General Public License.

August 5, 2001

Cosmosmash is a clone of the 1981 Astrosmash video game by Mattel Electronics.

I published it under the GNU General Public License.

Atari Lives!
July 10, 2001

A Salon article on the survival on the Atari VCS (2600) and the lessons that its weak graphical capabilities teach to video game developers: keep it simple and make it fun to play.

CoCo Game List
July 5, 2001

This site lists hundreds of video games for the CoCo.

April 21, 2001

BurgerSpace is a clone of the 1982 BurgerTime video game by Bally Midway.

I published it under the GNU General Public License.

Atari Historical Society
May 24, 1999

This site is a museum that preserves the history, the images and the products associated with Atari. It is mentioned in an article from Wired News titled A Grudge Match of Pong, where one learns that Nolan Bushnell, founder of Atari, defeated Dennis Fong, a former Quake champion, in a revench match of Pong. Pong was in the early seventies the first commercially successful coin-operated videogame.

CoinOp.org - Classic Arcade Games Home Page
June 16, 1998

This page covers classic video arcade games, with photographs of the games, screen shots, original advertisements, and so forth. It includes information on video game auctions as well.

See namely the history of the creation of Q*Bert. The author of this legendary arcade game talks about how it was created in the early eighties, in 8088 assembly language.

The Intellivision
December 26, 1997

This was my first video game console in 1981. The official site is associated with Intellivision Productions, a company that gathers several of the programmers of the original games. One can read about the history of Mattel Electronics and anecdotes about the creation of several games. There is an Intellivision emulator (PC and Mac versions) available for download.

Former programmers from Mattel Electronics are selling the "Intellivision Lives!" CD-ROM, which contains an Intellivision emulator that comes with over 50 of the original Intellivision games, for US$29.95.


How I Met My Wife
June 3, 2012

A short story about words that normally only get used negatively.

The Count of Monte Cristo
March 22, 2010

This novel, written in 1844, is often considered to be the best one by Alexandre Dumas. Wikisource has the original text.

Les trois mousquetaires
September 8, 2002

The story of four comrades-in-arms, who serve the Queen of France, and outwit her enemy Cardinal Richelieu and his clever agent, a female criminal. This is one of best-known novels by Alexandre Dumas. The complete text is available on this page.

The Wolf and the Dog
November 3, 2000

A fable in French by Jean de La Fontaine.

No sex, too many drugs, and nothing like rock'n'roll
June 23, 1998

A tale in old english of a Christmas trip that Angus McIntyre, a former regular of the alt.peeves newsgroup, made several years ago.


Montréal Climate Normals
March 28, 2007

This table gives among other things the mean temperature in Montréal for each month of the year.

Origins of the names of Montréal's subway stations
February 4, 2002

This site provides short explanations of each station's name. The Montréal subway was inaugurated in 1966.

Dead People Server
January 3, 1998

A site that will inform you on the state of the "health" of a great number of celebrities. Dates of birth and death are given, as well as the cause of death.


Video games on cable TV in Québec
June 23, 2016

In the 1980s, some Vidéotron channels would broadcast the screen of an Apple II computer to which a user could connect through a touch-tone telephone in order to play video games. Only one person could connect at a time and the game played was visible to any other person who would happen to watch the channel.

Quebec School Telecasts musical theme
January 14, 2012

This educational program was broadcast on the CBC and Radio-Québec.

Everything's coming up Milhouse
August 27, 2011

Don't you forget it.

Why 800 dollars of damage because of the water?
March 7, 2011

(In French.) After all, it was pressure treated wood.

Conspiracy Theory Rock By Robert Smigel
February 22, 2011

This Robert Smigel animated short film "Conspiracy Theory Rock" was part of a March 1998 "TV Funhouse" segment on Saturday Night Live. It has been removed from all subsequent airings of the SNL episode where it originally appeared. Lorne Michaels claimed the edit was done because it "wasn't funny". The film is a scathing critique of corporate media ownership, including NBC's ownership by General Electric/Westinghouse. [Description taken from YouTube page.]

The Big Snit (I'm Not Sawing the Table)
February 1, 2011

This is the 1985 National Film Board cartoon where a man insists that he is not sawing the table (at 6:26).

Radio-Canada network identification (1982)
September 20, 2008

The gool old "exploding pizza" logo with the voice of the late Jean-Paul Nolet saying "ici Radio-Canada" ("This is Radio-Canada"), in reference to the French network of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

Brilliant Careers: Johnny Carson
February 20, 2001

A Salon article on Johnny Carson's career.

The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson
July 11, 1999

A page on the television show that Carson hosted from 1962 to 1992. I watched that show during the last six seasons and I appreciated Carson's style of humour at lot. He made me discover geniuses like Jack Benny and Groucho Marx, from whom his style borrowed somewhat.

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