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I am Pierre Sarrazin, a computer programmer who lives in Montréal.

I have published the following Free software (distributed under the GNU General Public License):

  • Verbiste: a French conjugation system with a GNOME applet
  • BurgerSpace: a clone of the game BurgerTime
  • BoolStuff: a C++ library that supports the conversion of boolean expressions to the disjunctive normal form
  • Afternoon Stalker: a clone of the game Night Stalker
  • Batrachians: a clone of the game Frog Bog
  • Cosmosmash: a clone of the game Astrosmash
  • Quadrupleback: a clone of Doubleback (a CoCo game by Dale Lear)
  • CMOC: a 6809-generating cross-compiler for a subset of the C language.
  • Color Eights: a card game derived from Crazy Eights for the TRS-80 Color Computer

Email: sarrazip at sarrazip dot com or sarrazip at b2b2c dot ca.

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Darben The Redd Foxx (jazz flute)
June 16, 2023

James Moody plays Darben The Redd Foxx on the jazz flute in this YouTube video titled "You didn't know Jazz Flute can be this cool."
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Hocus Pocus, by Focus
June 16, 2023

A 1971 song by the Dutch rock band Focus.
[Arts; Music]

Critical Program Reading
December 27, 2022

A short film (17m49s) from 1975 on the importance of reading one's own code critically.
[Computers; Programming]

Here Come The Judge, by Pigmeat Markham
January 8, 2022

If you're wondering who is the judge.
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