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Programmed by Pierre Sarrazin


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This is the home page for Quadrupleback, a video game where intruders must be circled (see the screenshot). It is a clone of the 1982 Doubleback game by Dale Lear for the Tandy Color Computer.

Quadrupleback 0.1.1 is out (2019-11-11). This version links with version 0.1.7 of the flatzebra library.

Requirements (on a GNU/Linux system): SDL, SDL_image, SDL_mixer, SDL_gfx. The sources might compile on other Unix-like systems.

Reported High Scores

Pierre Sarrazin 95,940 2012-07-16


You need to get quadrupleback and flatzebra. Your system is assumed to already have the required SDL libraries.

Package Ver. Source
quadrupleback 0.1.1 [.tar.gz]
flatzebra 0.1.7 [.tar.gz]
burgerspace 1.9.4 [.tar.gz]
cosmosmash 1.4.8 [.tar.gz]
afternoonstalker 1.1.6 [.tar.gz]
batrachians 0.1.7 [.tar.gz]

SHA512 signatures of these files.

The sources are in C++ and can be compiled and installed with the familiar ./configure && make && make install sequence.


Quadrupleback and the "flatzebra" library are free software released under the GNU General Public License, version 2 or later.

SDL is a free library distributed under the GNU Lesser General Public License.


Game Play

The command quadrupleback runs the game. You should see an entry for Quadrupleback in the Games menu.

You control the blue snake that starts at the center of the screen. Move it with the keyboard arrows or with the left joystick of an Xbox 360 controller (or compatible).

The object of the game is to score points by making the snake circle the other objects. However, the snake must never touch those objects, or you will lose a life.

More points can be scored by circling more than one object at a time. In such a case, the number of points scored is the point value of all the circled objects, multiplied by the number of circled objects.

To move more slowly, press the Control key, or the gamepad's A button.

The F11 key toggles full-screen mode. The Escape key quits the game.

The game is very similar to Doubleback, but does not aim to be an exact clone. A Color Computer user has released a short demo of Doubleback (2'53") on YouTube.


I can be reached (in French or English) by email at sarrazip at sarrazip dot com. My main Web page is Pierre and his Poor Pathetic Page (or La Petite Page Plate de Pierre in French).

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