Color Eights


By Pierre Sarrazin

Color Eights is a card game derived from Crazy Eights (but slightly different) for the TRS-80 Color Computer.

The program requires a CoCo (real or emulated) with at least 32 kB of RAM. The game runs in the PMODE 4 (256x192) graphics mode. It does not require a joystick.

The current version is 0.1.6 (2016-04-03).

I can be contacted (in French or English) at sarrazip at sarrazip dot com.


This program is distributed under the GNU General Public License (version 3 or later).

(See MD5, SHA1 and SHA512 for this and other files.)


Once the disk image has been copied to an actual floppy disk on a real CoCo's drive 0, or mounted in drive 0 under an emulator like XRoar or MESS, type this command in the Basic interpreter: RUN"COLOR8"

Color Eights does not use the high speed poke.

How To Play

Left and right arrows: move the cursor over your cards. SPACE: play the current card. P: pick a card. Q: quit the program.

You cannot pick if one of your cards is playable. If the picked card is playable, it is played.

An 8 changes the requested suit. So does the joker, which also makes the opponent pass their turn and makes them pick 5 cards.

A 2 makes the opponent pass their turn and pick 2 cards (4 cards if 2 of spades).

A jack makes the opponent pass their turn.

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