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Programmed by Pierre Sarrazin

Reported High Scores

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2022-11-21 20:56:17 EST5EDT

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This is the home page for BurgerSpace, a hamburger-smashing video game. It is a clone of the 1982 BurgerTime video game by Data East.

BurgerSpace 1.9.5 is out (2022-11-21). With this version, when an enemy gets carried down on a slice and has landed, it is now shown as frozen until it revives, instead of disappearing until it revives. To restore the old disappearing behavior, pass new option --hide-landed-enemies. Version 1.9.4 added a new option --no-active-event to allow the user to avoid the automatic pausing that happens when the window loses the focus or is iconified.

Since version 1.9.0, a two-player, experimental network version is included. More details here. (This version still provides the stand-alone single-player game.)

Requirements (on a GNU/Linux system): SDL, SDL_image, SDL_mixer. The sources might compile on other Unix-like systems.


You need to get burgerspace and flatzebra. Your system is assumed to already have the required SDL libraries.

Package Ver. Source
burgerspace 1.9.5 [.tar.gz]
flatzebra 0.1.7 [.tar.gz]
quadrupleback 0.1.1 [.tar.gz]
batrachians 0.1.7 [.tar.gz]
cosmosmash 1.4.8 [.tar.gz]
afternoonstalker 1.1.6 [.tar.gz]

SHA512 signatures of these files.

The sources are in C++ and can be compiled and installed with the familiar ./configure && make && make install sequence.

Reported High Scores

Edgardo Cerretti and
Matteo Giordano
8,353,750 570 2009-03-10
Marat Saldakov 2,177,500 167 2012-10-30
Chris Lilly 1,337,050 140 2007-09-28
Chris Cowell 755,350 84 2013-01-26
Robert C Robinson 615,050 62 2010-01-10
François "Cuisinier en chef" Benoit 609,550 68 2007-03-31
Chris Lilly 508,800 52 2005-07-14
Chris Stephany 396,850 25 2005-05-11
Chris Lipe 301,050 20 2004-05-31
Candice Adams 285,000 26 2005-07-15
Marco Peter 219,500 25 2017-11-26
Tommy Etling 204,050 20 2008-12-09
Robert C Robinson 187,250 20 2008-04-25
Julian Doan 172,900 18 2004-05-09
Pierre Sarrazin 167,050 18 2003-11-19


BurgerSpace and the "flatzebra" library are free software released under the GNU General Public License, version 2 or later.

SDL is a free library distributed under the GNU Lesser General Public License.


Known Bugs

If BurgerSpace crashes when starting, it may be due to SDL_image 1.2.5, which is buggy concerning .xpm images. You should see if your GNU/Linux distribution has issued a patch for 1.2.5.

See my bug report for this on the SDL web site. It includes a patch for the SDL_image sources.

If your distribution is Gentoo, there is a bug report about this here.

The bug does not happen with SDL_image 1.2.4.

Game Play

The command burgerspace runs the game. Use the arrow keys to move, the Ctrl key to throw pepper, and P to pause the game and resume it. The Escape key quits the game. If you use GNOME, you should see an entry for BurgerSpace in the Games menu.

There is a command-line option --z-for-pepper which allows you to shoot with the Z key instead of Ctrl.


Most images were drawn by Luce St-Amand with the GIMP. She also did a lot of testing (for this game as well as for Cosmosmash.)


I can be reached (in French or English) by email at sarrazip at sarrazip dot com. My main Web page is Pierre and his Poor Pathetic Page (or La Petite Page Plate de Pierre in French).

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